I thought I was awake. I thought I was wise. But I was wrong. I was ignorant (in the sense of being blind to reality/truth), only I didn’t know it. Sure, I was an honest person, open-minded and intelligent, but nevertheless I wasn’t awake. How did I not know this? I suppose that question is analogous to the question of whether a sociopath knows they’re a sociopath, and for that matter, whether they can ever know (or get honest enough to acknowledge and admit to it). Be that as it may, there’s no hope for a sociopath to wake-up or change, but there’s hope for the rest of us.


Reflecting on this phenomenon of not knowing, and of denial as

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One Comment

    • Froilan Gonzalez aka Frank

    • 2 years ago

    Thanks Carl for reminding us to stop lying to ourselves and to stop b*tching.

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