Imagine walking alone in the park on a quiet Fall day, the sun mildly warming your skin, the crisp air reminding you of your aliveness. Suddenly you get sense of time standing still. You pause, noticing a silence, a hush, a peacefulness. An ease envelopes your body, a knowing, a feeling of having been in this moment before. You feel deeply connected. Indeed, this present moment experience, where the past, present, future exist simultaneously is an interconnectedness. Some call these junctures “God moments.” It’s a feeling of oneness, an interdependence of being and not being, knowing and not knowing, the Yin and Yang.


This state, feeling, experience, is a loving one. It’s an emptying of the mind, a suspension of judgement, opinions, and beliefs. No mind, no fear, no anxiety, no problems. If only for a few fleeting moments, we are in that space of now. In which there are no opposites. Everything co-exists. A feeling of being one with everything, one with Nature, one with God. Transcendence. Whereas light and dark, left and right, front and back, up and down, heads and tails, hot and cold, pleasure and pain, love and hate, good and evil, and life and death are one and the same. Inseparable. All are interconnected, interrelated, linked together; whereas there is no difference between these seemingly opposites; it becomes apparent that one cannot exist without the other. We cannot have up without down or a front without a back. There would no contrast. We wouldn’t see light without there being dark. And there wouldn’t be life without death.


As we walk the spiritual path, we will experience this deep connection more often. As we surrender ourselves to All Things, our experience will turn more profound. We will find peace with death. Because in a sense, as we move around in this world, we are already dead. That is, we are alive and dead. For life and death are two sides of the same coin.


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    • Michele Houston

    • 9 months ago

    Thank you Carl for this beautiful post. It really resonates with me lately. I find myself reflecting on these types of feeling in the morning when the sun hasn’t really risen and I can have quiet thoughts and energy. Thanks for this insight and inspiration as always.

    1. Hi Michele, Thank you for reading the post and for the reply. Always happy to hear from you, and I appreciate your thoughtful responses. Glad you found it helpfuL.

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