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OK, now to the podcast episode. . . .


This is episode #43, it’s called, “Love and Loss.”

  [pms-restrict] I recently read post on Facebook that had a great impact on me. Although, not for the same reason one might think. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. . . .


The post was about a woman in London, who sits every day on the subway platform to listen to the “Mind the gap” announcement. It was recorded by her late husband back in 1950. Since his passing, she’s kept his presence alive by listening to it every day. Sadly at some point, the subway transport company replaced the recording. But shortly thereafter they heard from the woman expressing her distress about it. And so, the company restored the announcement at the subway stop near her home.


As one would expect from most media outlets, the post described the story in a highly romanticized manner. Which of course would make one question the accuracy of the story. And so, I looked further to verify the account. For certain, the BBC and other media outlets published articles about the story as well, giving similar details and quoting the woman. Although, the BBC article was more factual and was absent of sentimentality, as expected. All that said, the truthfulness of the story and its details are not as relevant to my point as much as the sentiment, sans the BBC version of course. Indeed, I’m more curious as to what the story evokes in the reader, and how the media manipulates us.


This is a quote from a Facebook post that credits, Life Journal, “. . . the company decided to restore the announcement in the only stop near the house where the woman lives, specifically at the Embankment stop of Northern Line, where all passengers can listen. . . to think that eternal love really exists.”


Yes, to think that eternal really love exists. . . . . Well of course we all want to believe in eternal love, just as we want to believe in heaven. But

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