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Signing-up for a membership or offering a one-time donation helps Carl produce and published free or low-cost content. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

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Q: What do I need for my Yoga practice?

A: Loose-fitted clothing or fitness wear, a Yoga mat (sticky mat), and props (would be helpful but not necessary), such as Yoga blocks, straps, one or two deco pillows, and a blanket (that you can fold or roll up).

Q: How many times a week should I practice Yoga?

A: Three times a week is suggested, but you will surely benefit by taking one or two classes per week as well.

Q: I'm not flexible, can I still take Yoga class?

A: Yes, of course. Join us as you are, the classes will help you become flexible. And on top of that, Yoga will help you become stronger and more balanced—both physically and emotionally.


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