Hello Everyone, Welcome to the podcast “Close to the Bone.” I’m Carl Vreeland.


At last, I’m back. Months in the making, I’m finally settling into my newly renovated home. I’ve really missed having a home and an office/studio space. But such is life, things crop up, and we must roll with the changes, and at times we must prioritize in order to get things accomplished. That said, thank you for continuing to listen to the podcast and reading whatever transcriptions and writings I’ve been able to post on my blog page and elsewhere. Well, onwards and upwards.


This is episode #38, it’s called, “The Gifts of COVID-19.”


As with every challenge in life, there are lessons. Unless of course we choose to not look for them. It is easier to walk through life, just blaming others for all the inconveniences and adversities we encounter. But I believe most of us want to take the former approach. But to be clear, I’m not saying that the Universe or God necessarily creates challenges for the purpose of teaching us something, no, I’m saying that we can usually find a lesson somewhere. Meaning, we can always take difficult opportunities and turn them into learning experiences. It’s sort of the opposite of adopting the victim mentality; you know; it’s his fault, men are brutes, she’s to blame, women are manipulative, Jesus hates me, God is punishing me, it’s my destiny to suffer, it’s my karma, it’s because I am a sinner as to why bad things happen to me, the government is out to get us, etcetera. You get the gist. How can we possibly learn anything and grow from this standpoint? Yes, things happen due to neglect, mistakes, abuse, and the actions of hateful, selfish people. Yes, shit happens all the time, but when we personalize everything, when everything becomes a personal affront, that’s when we become the victim, and remain one. And of course, we turn angry, resentful, cynical, and bitter.


So, all that said, what have we learned from this pandemic? Well, as I see it, the pandemic has showed us in spades that nothing is stable in life. Everything is fleeting, there is no solid ground, nothing is secure, everything changes, and we are powerless over nature. The virus has made it clear, and it should have shattered the walls of denial. And if it hasn’t, then I imagine your walls of denial are thick and fatally impenetrable. Either that, or you were awake already. But supposing you weren’t awake yet? Well. . .


I’m reminded of a D.H. Lawrence quote: “Search for nothing any more, nothing except truth. Be very still, and try and get at the truth. And the first question to ask yourself is: How great a liar am I?” Powerful words. In my view, the only way to the truth is to get honest with ourselves. Yes, as humans, in

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