Carl T. Vreeland

“No matter where you go, there you are.”* Which is why geographical solutions, that is to say, moving place to place or dreaming of moving elsewhere as a way to find happiness, is fantasy, not reality. Fact is, generally, whatever destination you travel to, you arrive with the same set of problems. Sure, at first, relocating to a new place is exciting, curious, and adventurous, but once the newness fades, there you are, the same you, with all the same issues. What’s more, you will no doubt encounter a new set of problems which will test your tolerance and patience; e.g., severe weather, drafty rooms, broken hot water pipes, noisy neighbors, etc. Challenges are unavoidable, so we must learn how to better handle difficult situations. And we do this by looking at ourselves, not by trying to escape them.

A geographical solution or cure is not unlike “spiritual bypassing,” in which Wikipedia defines as. . .

A "tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological

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    • Michelehouston

    • 2 years ago

    This post reminds me of a song by a favorite artist Allen Stone, “Bed I made”. Check it out.

    1. Thanks for reading and for the reply Michele. What a great singer. Wow. Never heard of him. Thank you for sharing.

        • Michelehouston

        • 2 years ago

        He’s incredible, check out more of his music online. I’ve seen him live a lot and met him a number of times and he’s truly inspirational and a unique and beautiful talent of singing and songwriting. I think your soul could relate to his music very deeply.

        1. Yes, I will check out more of his music. He’s quite a talent. Thanks for the tip!

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