Greetings Everyone, I’m Carl Vreeland, and this is the podcast “Close to the Bone.”

Before I begin, I want to mention that there’s a strong likelihood I will be unable to published any podcast episodes in August. I’m in the midst of moving into another home. We’ll see how it goes, but either way, I’ll be back in September, for sure. That said, I want to thank you all for listening. OK, back to the podcast.

This is episode #32, entitled, You Are Loved.

When self-help gurus or Yoga celebrities tell us that, “We are loved,” what exactly do they mean? Do they mean that they actually love us? And if so, in what way? In some kind of Universal, Cosmic way? Meaning they love all beings? Perhaps like some Higher Being, their love for us extends from their hearts to ours? Or do they mean some Cosmic Force loves us? Or that God loves us? Or do they mean they love us, personally? I can’t imagine that though, being most of their followers are strangers.

OK then, let’s say we have a personal relationship with a life coach who tells us, “You are loved,” do they really love us? I mean, how well do they know us? Do they just love everyone? And more to the point, how does this help us and make us feel loved? Maybe they mean that a Higher Power loves us, like don’t worry about anything; you are loved. That we are being watched over? But how do they know that? How are they privy to something that we are not aware of or knowledgeable of?

Look, I understand that their intentions may be good, but again, how is this supposed to help us? Assuming that I’m not loved, or I don’t feel loved, am I supposed to take their word for it that I am loved? Loved by them, by others, by the world, by God? When I am sitting alone in my room, depleted and depressed, this knowing that "I am loved" is supposed to be comforting? Again, I’m sure their intentions are good, by the truth is, expressing “you are loved” doesn’t lift a finger. It may help them by saying it, meaning it may make them feel better, as if they are doing something virtuous. But how does it help someone who doesn’t have love in their life? How does it help someone online whom they don’t know? How does a post to a Friend’s list on Facebook, that may consist of hundreds of random Followers, make one feel loved? How does it help someone who is distraught and unable to feel love? Even if the guru or life coach means that you are loved by some God or Cosmic Power, how does this aid anyone in connecting with that Power?

Let’s get honest about it. “You are loved” is a scripted stance. And it caught on, and now just about every life coach uses it.

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    • Chuck Mercein

    • 2 years ago

    Hi Carl,

    I just read the transcript of your podcast, You Are Loved, and want to commend you on writing it. Your message on the importance of feeling loved to one’s overall well being and happiness was spot on. And your point that one must learn to love oneself in order to feel loved, I also thought was on the money.



    1. Hi Chuck,

      Thank you for reading it, and for the detailed comment. I’m glad you liked it. I appreciate the support.

      Sincerely, Carl

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